Article in the Daily Mail today:

Heir of self-importance

Dan Stevens, who plays Downton Abbey’s rather dull heir presumptive Matthew Crawley, is said to find ITV’s serial’s plots ‘too lowbrow’ and may leave soon. 
Some think he yearns to make it big in America, where he is pictured in Town & Country magazine’s January issue in a £4,600 suit, £1,500 overcoat, £600 shirt and £400 shoes (which it’s stylists provided), sitting at the wheel of a Mercedes convertible, ditto. 

Reputedly fluent in French and German, and something of a litterateur, Stevens is living in Manhattan with his wife, Susie, and their son and daughter while appearing in the Broadway play, The Heiress. 

Downton’s gifted creator, Julian Fellowes, shouldn’t stand in Dan’s way if he wants to leave. Writing him out of the show (hopefully in a spectacular fashion) would create a host of new romantic plot lines, involving his gorgeous, pouting widow, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery). Who, since having an earlier lover expire in her boudoir, has been far too goody-two-shoes for my liking. 

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